TCC Playlist: Humble and Kind by Lorrie McKenna

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Lori Mckenna

“Go to church ’cause your mama said to.”

Lorrie McKenna has been writing hit songs for country artists like Faith Hill and Tim McGraw since the ’90s. A married mother of five children who lives in the town she grew up in, McKenna is now recording her own songs. Love this site? Subscribe. Listen to the song she wrote for her kids after the jump:

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When Did Feminism Become Anti-Motherhood?

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It’s odd to be celebrating the heroism of Mary — carrying her pregnancy with Jesus to term in the face of potential stoning — in a culture, that devalues motherhood and children, both born and unborn. The Huffington PostWhen Did Feminism Become Anti-Motherhood? The bourgeois are addicted to personal safety, myself included. We look at unseen heroism, self-sacrifice, and risk and say ‘no thank you.’ How can we understand Mary’s Magnificat?

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TCC Video: Kerri Walsh Jennings Juggles Marriage, Motherhood and Faith With Beach Volleyball

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Kerri Walsh Jennings

“I think I was born to have babies and play volleyball.”

Kerri Walsh Jennings, was pregnant with her third child when she won her third gold medal at the 2012 Olympics! Now the Catholic 37 year-old is going for gold again in Rio. Watch the video here: Kerri Walsh Jennings Juggles Marriage, Motherhood and Faith With Beach Volleyball.

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