TCC Radio: Pope Asks All European Parishes to Take in a Refugee Family

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On Blessed Mother Teresa’s feast day Pope Francis asked every parish in Europe to take in a refugee family. The Vatican will take two families. Syrians and others are fleeing ISIS, war and hunger. Pope Francis wants to challenge and inconvenience us for the greater glory of God. More from Vatican News here: Pope Asks All European Parishes to Take in a Refugee Family. Donate to Catholic Relief Services to help refugees here.

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TCC Playlist: See You in the Eucharist by Danielle Rose

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Danielle Rose

For the Feast of Corpus Christi, a day of worldwide Eucharistic Adoration, we recommend the Danielle Rose track “See You in the Eucharist” where she sings, “I will hold you, I will receive you, I will see you, in the Eucharist.” More about Danielle Rose and the song after the jump:

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