TCC Radio: Owner of a Holey Heart | The Longest Shortest Time

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Anna and Clement

When my son was born he had a host of medical problems and trouble breastfeeding. Listen to the story of how, Tara, a Mormon woman in my neighborhood, helped him and became a friend. Would you do the works of mercy for a stranger’s baby? Listen after the jump:

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Misc: Would You Nurse a Stranger’s Baby?

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Our own Anna Keating writes for Alt Catholica about how a Mormon woman named Tara selflessly offered to pump breast milk for her child when he was sick, and how this work of mercy helped heal both her son and herself. Read the story of a friendship here: Would You Nurse a Stranger’s Baby?

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TCC Playlist: Nearer My God to Thee by The Lower Lights

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The Lower Lights Sarah Sample of the Americana gospel revival group “The Lower Lights” founded in 2009, says of old hymns, “there’s just really beautiful, hopeful music out there that I don’t think has been given justice to. So we’ve been trying to . . . dig those songs out of the earth and polish them up a bit.” She continues, “What we want people to feel is that there’s room for everyone in the songs no matter what their lives look like, that there’s space for them to sing along and be joyful in it and be part of it.” Sample says. “We’re all part of … a bigger human family, and I think that’s what music is about: bringing people together.” The group is predominately Mormon, but these traditional hymns transcend that label and have been sung by all Christians. For example, listen to the track “Nearer my God to Thee” after the jump:

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TCC Playlist: Holy Ghost by Low

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Low playing live

What do you think about Low’s new album The Invisible Way? The track Holy Ghost is strange and intriguing and sounds kind of like Aimee Mann’s stuff. Low is a downtempo indie rock band from Duluth, Minnesota composed of Alan Sparhawk (guitar, vocals) and Mimi Parker (drums, vocals). Sparhawk and Parker are married, Mormon, and have two kids. The third member of the band is Steve Garrington on guitar. On the track “Holy Ghost” Parker sings, “Some Holy Ghost keeps me hanging on.” Listen to it after the jump:

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