Pope says empty convents and monasteries should house refugees

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Monastery hotel

Recently Pope Francis has said that every parish should take in a refugee family. Way back in 2013 he was already saying that empty convents and monasteries should not be turned into hotels because they do not belong to the Church but to Christ. And, since refugees are the “flesh of Christ,” refugees should be allowed to live in them. Read his full remarks in Whispers in the Loggia here: Pope says empty convents and monasteries should house refugees

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Misc: Islamic State Destroys Ancient Christian Monasteries in Syria

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bulldozing 1500 year old monastery

From committing genocide against Christians and other religious minorities to enshrining a theology of rape, the moral tragedy continues as the Islamic State bulldozes ancient Christian monasteries in Syria. For the first time in my lifetime a Pope has approved limited use of force. More from The Gaurdian here: Islamic State Destroys Ancient Monasteries in Syria

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The Paradise Part

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Nathan Schneider

Nathan Schneider writes in Commonweal of  his frenzied conversion to Catholicism at the age of 18, after visiting Holy Cross Abbey, and his lifelong love of monasteries. “We sat in the cold, under the stars, around a pious statue at the top of a hill in front of the abbey, sipping the warming liquor.” Read it here: The Paradise Part

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Misc: Pope Emphasizes Humility Encourages Praying ‘O Antiphons’

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Monastic vespers

On our Facebook page we’ve been encouraging reader’s to pray the “O Antiphons” during Advent. Pope Francis did the same in a recent address about the importance of humility in the spiritual life. Read the Pope’s remarks from Catholic News Service here: Pope Emphasizes Humility Encourages Praying ‘O Antiphons’. Learn more about the “O Antiphons” after the jump:

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