TCC Films: Outcasts

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Do you know about the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal? A new documentary, “Outcasts,” focuses on their ministry. St. Francis of Assisi is more than a legend, or a statue. His way of life continues, and the center of Franciscan spirituality is the Eucharist. Watch the trailer after the jump. More about St. Francis, Catholic Social Teaching, and religious life in our book. 

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Exorcism Trains in ‘Ministry of Love’

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Exorcism Conference

There are very few Roman Catholic priests trained in exorcism. A recent conference in Rome sought to train more to meet the increasing demand for this controversial rite, granted to those who feel themselves to be oppressed by evil, and for whom medical help has been ineffective. Read more from Catholic News Agency here: Exorcism Trains Priests in ‘Ministry of Love’

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TCC Radio: Father Dennis | Snap Judgment

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“We would wake up on Sunday mornings and go to Catholic Mass and our parents would not be there.”

Justin Sweeney had an abusive childhood. Luckily, his parish priest, Fr. Dennis, became like a father to him. He’s now grown and paying it forward as a foster parent. Listen to the story on Snap Judgment after the jump:

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An Italian Monastery Becomes a Fashion Destination for Brides in a Frugal Era

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St. Rita's Monastery Brides who cannot afford a wedding dress come to St. Rita’s monastery in Cascia, Italy. The monastery — once home to St. Rita, an abused bride and a widow before becoming a nun about 600 years ago — has long been a pilgrimage site for Italian women, who come to pray to the saint to protect their marriages. Read more from The New York Times here: An Italian Monastery Becomes a Fashion Destination for Brides in a Frugal Era. See pictures after the jump:

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