Why would a Milennial Become A Priest or a Nun?

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Young Priests and Nuns

Emma Green writes in The Atlantic that members of the Millennial generation are much more likely than their parents (the post Vatican II generation) to consider becoming a priest or religious.  “The Pope, the Lord, and Lena Dunham: voices of a generation?”  Read her entire article here: Why would a Milennial Become A Priest or a Nun? (Friend of TCC Fr. Michael Rossman above.)

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Misc: Your Average American Catholic

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Catholic education

Catholicism is the most racially, ethnically and linguistically diverse religion in the nation. There will be 95 million Catholics in America by 2050, but the majority of those Catholics will not be practicing their faith. Here at The Catalogue we’re trying to do something to change that, please support us. Read the article by Mark Gray in America here: Your Average American Catholic

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TCC TV: The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns Episode 1

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The Sisterhood

How do you make a successful reality show about five young women, whose age’s range from 21 to 27, discerning life as religious sisters? TCC’s own Melissa Musick reviews episode 1 of The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns. Read her review and watch the trailer after the jump. Like this review? Please support us.

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Misc: Hey Young People, Now’s the Time to Get Married and Have Kids

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dad with a baby

Millennials are the most marriage averse generation in history. Matt Walsh writes for The Blaze about why your twenties might actually be an ideal time to get married and have kids. Read his take here: Hey Young People, Now’s The Time to Get Married and Have Kids

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