Europe’s Cure for Autism is Euthanasia

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hypodermic needle
The Catholic Church teaches gospel nonviolence, from conception to natural death. But many disagree. Once euthanasia is legal for physical ailments, mental illnesses and developmental disabilities may be next. Read about it in The New York PostEurope Cure for Autism is Euthanasia

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Misc: Sisters for Life

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Maryknoll Sisters A piece in The New York Times about the incredible work the Maryknoll Sisters have done all over the world, motivated by their desire to make God’s love visible. “Today the sisters work in two dozen countries, Albania to Zimbabwe, and in the United States as teachers, nurses, social workers and school administrators. They comfort the dying and occasionally infuriate governments. They fight human trafficking, environmental destruction and H.I.V./AIDS.” Read the whole story here: Sisters for Life

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