The Affluence Fallacy

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Dances With Wolves

“People in wealthy countries suffer depression by as much as eight times the rate as people in poor countries.”

Why did so many white-settlers defect and join Native American communities, even as no Native Americans wanted to defect to colonial life? David Brooks on the need for communityThe Affluence Fallacy

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Let’s Have A Better Culture War

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“A tradition . . . takes a physical activity and infuses it with enchantment.”

As my Jesuit friend Michael Rossmann said about this piece, “Catholic teaching brought to you by The New York Times.” Read it from David BrooksLet’s Have A Better Culture War. Want to put the spiritual and moral implications of your life front and center?

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Misc: Pope Francis Addresses Curia About ‘Spiritual Diseases’

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Pope Francis

Pope Francis’ Christmas address warned members of the Curia about 15 “spiritual diseases,” things all Christians need to avoid. Read more from Crux here: Pope Francis Addresses Curia About ‘Spiritual Diseases’. And more from America here: 15 Spiritual Ailments to Avoid

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