Misc: You Know How James Foley Died. This is How He Lived.

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Pope Francis
 recently called and offered his condolences to the parents of Jim Foley, the American Catholic journalist, recently beheaded by the Islamic State in Syria. In The Huffington Post Jim’s parents have shared photos and memories from their son’s life. He grew up as one of five kids in a Catholic home and went to Marquette. Learn more here: You Know How James Foley Died. This is How He Lived.

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James Foley’s Prayers During His Captivity

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James Foley

“I began to pray the rosary. . . it helped to keep my mind focused.”

The American journalist, James Foley, was recently executed by his Islamic State captors in Syria. Foley had been captured and released in the past. He wrote about his experience and how prayer and the rosary sustained him for Marquette magazine. Read it here: James Foley’s Prayers During Captivity. And where Lazarus is poor no longer, may he rest in peace.

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TCC Video: Fr. James Martin’s Advice to Graduates “Lighten up!”

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“Lighten up! Don’t take yourselves so seriously.”

Fr. James Martin SJ recently gave the commencement address to Marquette’s class of 2014. In it he explains that joyhumor and laughter are essential to the spiritual life and one’s own relationship with God. “Don’t take yourselves so seriously.”  Watch the video here: James Martin’s Marquette 2014 Commencement Address 

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