TCC Video: The Pope Video: Inter-religious Dialogue

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interfaith leaders hold objects

“We are all children of God.”

Pope Francis is now releasing videos to assist in sharing his monthly prayer intentions with the world. The Holy Father’s prayer intentions always relate to challenges facing humanity. The first is about inter-religious dialogue. Watch it after the jump:

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TCC Video: Recapturing Advent

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Advent wreath

In this video about AdventStanley Hauerwas, speaks about how Christians need to learn how to wait in an impatient world. He says, “The Jews are the promised people and we Christians are witnesses to that promise. . .” Watch it after the jump. See my Advent wreath and calendar above. (Send your Advent and Creche photos to: anna@catholiccatalogue.com and I’ll share them on our site.)

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Thank You Pope Francis & Pope Francis Made Me Better Appreciate My Sikh Faith

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Pope Francis at multi religious gathering

A Sikh religious leader who shared the stage with Pope Francis at the multi-faith prayer for peace service shares what he learned: Pope Francis Made Me Better Appreciate My Sikh Faith. Anna Keating thanks Pope Francis for his visit to the US and video from the service at the 9/11 memorial after the jump:

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Misc: Pope Francis Wishes Jews a Happy New Year

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Rosh Hashanah

The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, begins this evening.  Pope Francis wished the world’s Jews a blessed Rosh Hashanah in Hebrew and stressed that Christians need to learn about and understand Jewish history and customs. More from Catholic News Service here: Pope Flexes His Hebrew, Wishing World’s Jews Happy New Year

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