TCC Playlist: Her Mercy by Glen Hansard

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Glen Hansard

It’s the Year of Mercy, so we’ve been meditating of late, on a God whose name is Mercy. Christians use the word “mercy” in different ways at different times. Often we beg for mercy on our knees, burdened by the weight of our sins, knowing how far we have strayed. We say it quietly, somberly, “Lord, have mercy.” Other times, we say, “mercy” joyfully, like an astonished Southern lady whose just found out her hospital bill was paid. It’s an exclamation, “Lord, have mercy!” We are gobsmacked at God’s mercy, unmerited and without end. Listen to Glen Hansard’s song “Her Mercy,” about human mercy, after the jump:

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TCC Video: Pope Francis Visits a Nursing Home & How to Do the Works of Mercy

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Pope Francis visits nursing home

Pope Francis will do a work of mercy each month during the Jubilee Year of Mercy. On Friday, he visited the elderly and infirm in a nursing home. Watch the video and learn about the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, and how to do each of them, after the jump:

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TCC Video: Jubilee Year of Mercy | What is a Holy Door?

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Pope Francis opens a holy door at St. Peter's

“The door itself is a metaphor.”

The Jubilee Year of Mercy begins today, here’s what to expect.  Pope Francis has opened the holy door at St. Peter’s Basilica. Learn more about holy doors and “mercy-ing” from art historian Elizabeth Lev after the jump:

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