TCC Playlist: Family Bible by Willie Nelson

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Willie Nelson

“Rock of ages, rock of ages cleft for me.”

I love this Willie Nelson song, “Family Bible,” because I’m a fan of alt-country and Americana. But like any good country song, it also makes me a little sad because it describes an America already long past. Listen to “Family Bible” and more:

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TCC Video: Andrew Garfield on Falling in Love With Jesus

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Andrew Garfield and Amy Adams

“I’ve always had a longing because I wasn’t raised with anything.”

To prepare to play a Jesuit priest in Silence Andrew Garfield trained with Fr. James Martin and did The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola (more in our book). America: Andrew Garfield didn’t expect to fall in love with Jesus. Watch the videos after the jump. Thanks for supporting our blog.

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Millions on the Streets of Manila for Black Nazarene Devotion

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barefoot pilgrims

“Hold on to Jesus.”

Millions of barefoot pilgrims imitate Christ on the road to Calvary and flood the streets for the Black Nazarene procession in Manila. Catholic News ServiceMillions Flood the Streets of Manila for Black Nazarene Devotion. Photos, video, and more from Catholics & CulturesFeast of the Black Nazarene

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