TCC Video: A Prayer at Ground Zero

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9/11 Memorial

“There was a big sign that said, ‘The Body of Christ.'”

In this moving video, Fr. James Martin SJ, shares his memories from ministering to people at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001, after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.  Watch the video after the jump:

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Misc: 25 Things I Wish I Knew at 25

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25th Birthday

Jesuit priest, and author, James Martin, reveals some bits of advice and wisdom he wished he’d known when he was in his twenties. Read the list on The Huffington Post here: 25 Things I Wish I Knew at 25: Spiritual Learnings on My 50th Birthday

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TCC Video: Fr. James Martin’s Advice to Graduates “Lighten up!”

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“Lighten up! Don’t take yourselves so seriously.”

Fr. James Martin SJ recently gave the commencement address to Marquette’s class of 2014. In it he explains that joyhumor and laughter are essential to the spiritual life and one’s own relationship with God. “Don’t take yourselves so seriously.”  Watch the video here: James Martin’s Marquette 2014 Commencement Address 

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Misc: Praying for the Dead, for Peace, and for Our Persecutors

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Fr. James Martin writes in America magazine that we should pray for everyone impacted by the Boston Marathon bombings, including the perpetrators, because Jesus said, “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”.

“[Some] Christians dismiss this part of the Gospel.  But if as a Christian you say this, then you must admit that you are saying  . . . that Jesus, who was himself the victim of a violent and unjust death, and who nonetheless forgave his executioners from the cross, didn’t have the moral stature to ask us to do this hard thing.”

Read the whole article here: Praying for the Dead, for Peace, and for Our Persecutors

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