Vatican PR Warns of Catholic Blogs Full of Hate

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Fr. Rosica

The Internet doesn’t reward reasonableness or decency. Fr. Thomas Rosica speaks out against the “disturbed, broken, and angry individuals” who spew hatred and division online and call themselves Catholic or Christian. We’re trying to be a voice in the wilderness, thanks for supporting this site. Read it here: Vatican PR Warns of Catholic Blogs Full of Hate

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TCC Radio: How to Grow a Bully| Invisibilia

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Ever wonder why we do mostly positive stories on The Catholic Catalogue? Or why we don’t have a comment section, except on Facebook? What we interact with online has an impact on our lives. Venting anger online actually makes you more angry. Listen to the story NPR’s Invisibilia after the jump:

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Losing My Religion

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Using Facebook at work

In America, TCC’s own Anna Keating wonders if it’s better to list your religious views on sites like Facebook or not. She writes, “When religion is one of the few things that remain private in our carefully constructed, very public, online universe, then religious voices at the extremes may profile us all.” Read the entire essay here: Losing My Religion

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