TCC Video: The Pope Video: Inter-religious Dialogue

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interfaith leaders hold objects

“We are all children of God.”

Pope Francis is now releasing videos to assist in sharing his monthly prayer intentions with the world. The Holy Father’s prayer intentions always relate to challenges facing humanity. The first is about inter-religious dialogue. Watch it after the jump:

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Misc: Marrying Out of The Faith

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Philosopher Stanley Fish isn’t opposed to interfaith marriage, but he thinks couples need to more seriously consider their religious differences before tying the knot. “Ironically, interfaith marriage may awaken people to the fact that … the particulars of practice and belief do matter, and that not all interfaith conflicts can be solved with the placement of a menorah next to a manger.” Read his reflection in The New York Times: Marrying Out of the Faith

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TCC Playlist: Reformation Day aka Thank a Protestant Day

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thank-you At The Catholic Catalogue, we’re declaring October 31: Learn a Protestant hymn, sing a Protestant hymn, share a Protestant hymn and thank a Protestant Day. Today is Reformation Day, learn more about Martin Luther and the Protestant hymns that enrich us all after the jump:

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Misc: Human Chain Formed to Protect Christians During Lahore mass

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Human Chain outside St. Anthony's Church Two weeks ago over 100 people died in Peshwar, Pakistan when All Saints Catholic church was bombed. In solidarity Muslims and Christians formed a human chain around St. Anthony’s Church this past Sunday during Mass. Beautiful. Pray for peace. Read about it in The International Herald Tribune here: Human Chain Formed to Protect Christians During Lahore mass

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