This Couple’s App Helped 10,000 Women Get Pregnant and Can Replace Birth Control Too

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William Sacks and Katherine Bicknell William Sacks and his wife Katherine Bicknell used hormonal birth control for ten years before Katherine got tired of the Pill’s side effects. Read more after the jump and learn about the app they created, Kindara, that can help couples conceive or avoid pregnancy naturally.

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Ditch the Pill Years Before You Plan to Start a Family

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Pregnancy Announcement

We’re Catholics, so we think there are lots of good reasons to ditch artificial birth control in favor of Natural Family Planning or The Fertility Awareness Method, but one of the least discussed reasons is that when you are ready to start a family, having used the Pill in the past makes it more difficult to conceiveDitch the Pill Years Before You Plan to Start a Family.  After the jump, a picture of my daughter falling asleep while eating pizza. Because, why not?

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Prayers and Blessings for Expectant & Postpartum Parents

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Father’s Day is tomorrow, consider using these prayers to bless a new father. Prayers, readings, and blessings for expectant and postpartum parents from Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers after the jump:

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