US Catholic Bishops on Refugee Ban

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refugee child

The Lord Jesus fled the tyranny of Herod.

Read the USCCB on President Trump’s refugee ban: USCCB on Refugee Ban. Be cautious of Catholics who claim to be more Catholic than the Pope. Many American Catholics seem to think Pope Francis is a fool, but we’re all called to be fools for Christ, so perhaps there are worse things.

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TCC Video: You Can’t Follow Christ and Ban Refugees

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The USCCB and other Christian leaders have been busy since the election of Trump fighting for a consistent ethic of life, and condemning President Trump‘s plans: to increase torture, ban refugees, worsen climate change, and take away people’s healthcare without a replacement. Headlines: Evangelicals Oppose Trump’s Plan to Ban Refugees. Catholic Bishops Press Trump on Immigration. Catholic Bishops Urge Trump Not To Repeal Obamacare Without a Replacement. Watch a video from Fr. James Martin on the duty to welcome the stranger after the jump:

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TCC Video: Michael Baxter on “Seeking Another City: Catholic Radicalism in the Age of Trump”

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My husband and I with Michael Baxter

“We need to start communities that enable us to live the way we want to live.”

Professor Michael Baxter speaks to my students at Colorado College on, “Seeking Another City: Catholic Radicalism in the Age of Trump.” Listen after the jump:

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