TCC Video: Pope Visits Neonatal Unit & Hospice for Terminally Ill

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Pope Francis
Happy mercy Friday! Learn about Pope Francis’ most recent mercy-ing and the Church’s teachings on the sacredness of all human life from it’s first moment to it’s natural end: Pope Visits Neonatal Unit, Hospice for Terminally Ill to Highlight Respect for Life. Watch video after the jump:

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Feast of St. Bridget of Sweden

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St. Bridget of Sweden by Eleanor Day

For the Feast of St. Bridget, we recommend the painting “St. Bridget of Sweden” by the Catholic artist Eleanor Day. Find more of her work here. Melissa Musick encourages us to, “Honor Bridget today: write a letter to an elected official about a matter of justice and demand that justice be done.” Read more after the jump:

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Memorial of St. Elizabeth of Hungary

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St. Elizabeth of Hungary St. Elizabeth’s day is a good one to examine what you may have that another lacks. Can you give away clothes, toys, appliances, or furniture for another’s use? Can you give up an expensive coffee drink each week and add the amount you would otherwise spend to the collection at Mass? Read more from our own Melissa Musick after the jump:

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Feast of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

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mother_cabrini Sometimes Americans forget how young our country is. Africans and Europeans have saints from the earliest centuries of the Church. The first American citizen to be canonized, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, was only canonized in 1946. Our own Melissa Musick has her story and a recipe for the day after the jump:

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Misc: Don’t Stop Praying, Don’t Break the Fast

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Mother Maria Teresia Bonzel

TCC’s own Melissa Musick writes of Mother Maria Theresia Bonzel, founder of the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration whose feast is today. She writes, “A woman who . . . remained calm enough through a midnight train robbery on the American prairie to be chiefly concerned with getting to Mass on time, is a woman with a fleet spirit and a radiant heart.” Read the entire piece in The National Catholic Reporter here: Don’t Stop Praying, Don’t Break the Fast

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