When Hipsters Go to Church

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sleigh_bells_churchMillennials aren’t that into organized religion, or so we’re told, but many of those who are drawn to the Mass, find themselves drawn to the Latin Mass.  Nicholas G. Hahn is one of them. He writes about the trend of hipsters digging the Latin rite in Aleteia here: When Hipsters Go to Church

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TCC Playlist: The Ghost of Rockschool by Belle and Sebastian

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“I didn’t see any other hipsters or punks at church.”

We’re fans of the indie-pop band Belle and Sebastian from Glasgow, Scotland. Lead singer Stuart Murdock writes great pop songs and doesn’t shy away from exploring religious themes in his songwriting. Read more and listen to the song after the jump:

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TCC Video: Jesus was the original hipster | The Colbert Report

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Stephen Colbert grew up the youngest of eleven children in South Carolina, and has described his parents as devout Catholics who valued intellectualism and taught their children that it was possible to both love and question the Catholic Church. In real life he’s a practicing Catholic and Sunday school teacher. On The Colbert Report he makes us laugh as a parody of a news pundit who also happens to go to Mass. In this segment he says, “Jesus was the original hipster. He was into Christianity way before it went mainstream.” Watch it after the jump:

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