TCC Playlist: Shangri La by M. Ward

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M. Ward

Matthew Stephen Ward, M. Ward, is a singer-songwriter and guitarist whose Catholicism peeks out from his lyrics from St. Paul references to singing on “Epistemology,” “I was raised in a Catholic school . . . I learned how to hold on from a book of old Psalms. ” Check out the track, “Shangri La” in which he sings, “I can’t wait to see the expression on the face of my sweet Lord.”

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TCC Radio: Lucinda Williams on Ritual | Death, Sex, and Money

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Lucinda Williams

“We’ll understand it all by and by.”

The Americana singer-songwriter, Lucinda Williams, talks about her career, getting older, and attending a Catholic funeral and rethinking the need for faith and ritual. That portion of the interview begins at the 24 minute mark. Listen, and hear her sing “Compassion” and “Farther Along” after the jump:

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Holy Saturday & The Harrowing of Hell

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Spring Christians do not believe Christ pretended to suffer or pretended to die. We believe that Christ suffered, died and was buried. That is, he went among the dead. Today is Holy Saturday. Read more from our own Melissa Musick after the jump:

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