TCC Playlist: River by Joni Mitchell

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Joni Mitchell

With so much emphasis on family, joy and peace, this time of year can be especially hard for people experiencing grief and loss. Our favorite song that gets to the heart of this melancholy is Joni Mitchell’s “River” from her 1971 album “Blue.” Listen to her sing after the jump:

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TCC Playlist: No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross by Sufjan Stevens

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Sufjan Stevens

On his record, Carrie & Lowell, Sufjan Stevens, responds to the death of his mother in 2012. Stevens never knew his mother, she suffered from depression, schizophrenia and alcoholism, and left when he was a child. Still, he fell apart after her death. Read his interview about the album, and his Christian faith in PitchforkTrue Myth. Listen to “No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross” after the jump. There is one expletive.

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One Woman’s Story of Healing After Abortion with Project Rachel

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Women Deserve Better Than Abortion

“It’s this forbidden grief.”

Years ago I wrote a play about religion and sexuality. As a small part of that project I interviewed post-abortive women. Some of them had gone through Project Rachelthe Church’s ministry to post-abortive women and families. Read one woman’s story, as she told it to me, after the jump:

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Misc: Who Owns the Dead?

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Our great-grandparents knew how to prepare a body for burial, hosted wakes in their homes, and dug graves. Should we consider taking more ownership of our dead? After all burying the dead is one of the works of mercy. More from The New Republic here: Who Owns the Dead?

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TCC Radio: Without Jane | This American Life

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Donald Hall
The poet, Donald Hall, reads poems about caring for his wife, Jane Kenyon, when she had cancer, and speaks about adjusting to life without her. A beautiful portrait of a marriage. Listen to the story from This American Life after the jump. It starts at the 40 min. mark.

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