TCC Reads: “The Collar” and “Love III” by George Herbert

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Sometimes it helps to read some old poetry. The poems of the Englishman George Herbert meant a lot to me growing up because they capture the experience of being pursued by God even when you are trying to escape. Read “The Collar” and “Love III” after the jump:

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TCC Playlist: A Love Supreme by John Coltrane

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John Coltrane

“His way . . . it is so wonderful.”

John Coltrane was a musician addicted to heroin, and on the verge of losing everything, when, in 1957, he had a mystical experience, what he described as “a spiritual awakening.” More and listen after the jump:

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TCC Playlist: I’ll Be Glad by Bonnie “Prince” Billy

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Bonnie "Prince" Billy by Chau Nguyen

“Lord I don’t want to go without you anymore.”

We love Will Oldham aka Bonnie “Prince” Billy (seen above in an original drawing by our book illustrator Chau Nguyen). Listen to “I’ll Be Glad” from the album “Lie Down in the Light” after the jump:

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