TCC Films: It’s a Girl

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Indian girl

Gender equality begins in the womb. The UN estimates that 200 million girls are missing from the world today because of sex-selective abortion, infanticide, and abandonment. The film, It’s a Girl, raises awareness about the ways in which whole societies can become numb to the elimination of unwanted people. Watch the trailer after the jump:

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Statement on Genocide Against Christians in Iraq and Syria

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Robert P. George and Cornel West at Swarthmore college
Robert P. George, Cornel West, The Knights of Columbus, and many others are calling on President Obama to acknowledge the genocide against Christians taking place in Iraq and Syria. Read the letter from First Things here: Statement on Genocide Against Christians in Iraq and Syria

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Armenian Catholic Church Canonizes Victims of Genocide

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Armenian Canonization Mass

The Armenian Catholic Church, an Eastern rite church in communion with Rome has canonized the 1.5 million victims of the Armenian genocide. More from The UK Telegraph here: Armenian Church Canonizes Victims of Armenian Genocide. Watch a video after the jump:

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Misc: As Iraqi Christians in US Watch They See ‘Slow Motion Genocide’

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Please Help Iraqi Christians

“We are called the Church of Martyrs. . . Our faith isn’t a theory. . . It’s a person and we’re called to be like him. . . We carry the cross for a reason.”

Chaldean Catholics of Iraq in the US are being forced to watch as ISIS attacks their people. Read more about their response to the crisis in The New York Times here: As Iraqi  Christians in US Watch They See ‘Slow Motion Genocide’

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Misc: Pope asks for international action to help Iraq’s Christians

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Iraqi Christians

Yesterday ISIS took Iraq‘s largest Christian town. 100,000 Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities were forced to flee their homes with nothing, convert to Islam, or be killed. France has offered asylum but not the United States. Read more from The Independent UKIsis Takes Iraq’s Largest Christian Town. The National Catholic ReporterPope Asks For International Action to Help Iraq’s Christians. And CNS News: ISIS is Systematically Beheading Children in Christian Genocide. Send aid to Catholic Relief Services in Iraq here.

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