Surround Yourself With Reminders of Your Faith

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Painted Monastery in Romania

(Above: a painted monastery in Romania.) Shout outs for our book TCC: A Field Guide to the Daily Acts That Make Up a Catholic Life from Simcha Fisher: Surround Yourself With Reminders of Your Faith and U.S. Catholic: A Field Guide for Catholics

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Three Freezing Saints and Prayers for Growers

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tulips in snow

May 11-13, are known as the days of the Three Freezing (or Ice or Frost) Saints, learn more from our own Melissa Musick after the jump and see prayers for farmers and gardeners:

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TCC Reads: The Rural Life Prayerbook

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We bought a beehive last fall and we are awaiting the spring delivery of the Italian bees we ordered a couple of weeks ago. Imagine my delight when I received a copy of the Rural Life Prayerbook, which was published by The National Catholic Rural Life Conference in 1956 and has been re-issued this year. Read the rest of our review after the jump:

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The Earth and Motherhood

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Gardening while pregnant
“Many people have used the phrase ‘Mother Earth’ when talking about this planet we call home. Frankly, I always found this a little hokey. Then I became a mother.” Read the rest of the essay by Claire Fyrqvist after the jump:

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