TCC Radio: A Busload of Lutherans

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Nadia Bolz-Weber

“I spent the whole time praying and cursing, and praying and cursing.”

The tattooed Lutheran pastor and bestselling memoirist Nadia Bolz-Weber tells a story on The Moth stage about being afraid of being “needy” and what happens when you let people see you as you are. It starts at the 36 minute mark. Listen here: A Busload of Lutherans

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TCC Radio: Owner of a Holey Heart | The Longest Shortest Time

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Anna and Clement

When my son was born he had a host of medical problems and trouble breastfeeding. Listen to the story of how, Tara, a Mormon woman in my neighborhood, helped him and became a friend. Would you do the works of mercy for a stranger’s baby? Listen after the jump:

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