TCC Video: Compassion and Kinship: Fr. Greg Boyle TedTalk

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Fr. Greg Boyle

Fr. Greg Boyle S.J. is one of our heroes.  He runs the largest and most successful gang intervention, re-hab and re-entry program in the United States. In this TEDTalk he asks,

“How do we create and imagine a circle of compassion and then imagine nobody standing outside of that circle?”

Watch the video after the jump:

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Misc: Homeboy industries, a success story still faces a daily struggle

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Fr. Gregory Boyle Fr. Gregory Boyle S.J. is one of our heroes. For a quarter of a century, he has steered people out of the gang life through Homeboy Industries, which offers job training, counseling, tattoo removal and more. The model Boyle built has been replicated around the country and abroad, but due to government cuts his program is struggling. Fr. Boyle is also suffering from cancer. Read about it in The Los Angeles Times here: Homeboy industries, a success story still faces a daily struggle

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