TCC TV: Friday Night Lights

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romney-friday-night-lights.jpeg-1280x960 TCC’s own, Anna Keating, recommends that you watch all 76 episodes of Friday Night Lights on Netflix. Not only because Friday Night Lights depicts the best marriage ever written for television, but because the show so often gets life in community and in small town America right. Read more after the jump and the full review in America here: Under a Texas Sky

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Misc: College Football’s Coaching Nun

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Sr. Lisa Maurer

Sister Lisa Maurer is a Benedictine nun, she’s also a college football coach. She says of her twin vocations, “I get to coach and be a sister both. I remember all the tears that I cried when I entered religious life because I never thought I’d get to do this. The Lord is so good to me.” Read more from The New York Times here: Living an Upright Life, As a Nun and a Coach

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Misc: Mass Before Football Games a Team Tradition

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Football Mass at St. Norbert's College

“It’s a special piece of St. Norbert. I’ve seen it done at Notre Dame. . .You get goose bumps on that walk.”

In a display of spiritual unity, the players of the St. Norbert’s College football team walk hand in hand to Mass before every game. Read more about this tradition from The Compass News here: Team Begins New Faith Tradition

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Firm Foundation of Faith Led Colts’ Linebacker from Kenya to the NFL

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“God has given everybody talents and gifts, and developing those talents and gifts is a way of saying ‘Thank you’ for the gifts he has given you.”

Practicing Catholic and native of Kenya, Daniel Adongo, 24, had never played American football before he signed with the Colts. Read his incredible story from Catholic News Service here: Firm Foundation of Faith Led Colts’ Linebacker from Kenya to the NFL

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