The Anchor: African refugees look to a priest as their savior

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Fr. Zerai

Fr. Zerai, an Eritrean-born Roman Catholic priest, ministers to and helps save African immigrants risking their lives to reach Europe. Read his story in The New Yorker here: The Anchor: African refugees look to an exiled priest as their savior. Photos after the jump:

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On Disappearing Christianity: Suppose It’s Gone Forever?

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Sign of Peace

“The idea that people have some rights just because they are human . . . irrespective of merit, certainly isn’t derived from observation of the world.”

Read this Guardian editorial about Europe’s future without ChristianitySuppose It’s Gone Forever?

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Europe’s Cure for Autism is Euthanasia

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hypodermic needle
The Catholic Church teaches gospel nonviolence, from conception to natural death. But many disagree. Once euthanasia is legal for physical ailments, mental illnesses and developmental disabilities may be next. Read about it in The New York PostEurope Cure for Autism is Euthanasia

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