TCC Video: The Big Bang Theory Acknowledges the Humanity of the Unborn

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The Big Bang Thepry
A moment on, The Big Bang Theory is being praised for its acknowledgment of the humanity of a developing child early in pregnancy. Catholics believe in a seamless garment of life. Jesus was an unplanned pregnancy. Expectant parents can hear their baby/embryo’s heart beat by six weeks. Watch the clip after the jump:

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What would a clone say?

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Human Embryos

Scientists have successfully cloned a human embryo for the purpose of harvesting embryonic stem cells. In this 2005 essay in the New York Times Gary Rosen writes that you don’t have to be a believer to have reservations about creating human life for the express purpose of destroying it. “It is the deliberate use of one (developing) person as the instrument of another, a practice that should give pause even to those who ardently favor abortion rights.” Read the whole essay here: What would a clone say?

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Genetically Modified Babies

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genetically modified babies Marcy Darnovsky writes in The New York Times about the problems with third party reproduction and genetically modifying human beings. “Genetic modifications of sperm, eggs and early embryos should be strictly off limits. Otherwise, we risk venturing into human experimentation and high-tech eugenics.” Read it here: Genetically Modified Babies More on what the Church teaches after the jump:

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