TCC Playlist: Troubles So Hard by Vera Hall and Moby

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Spiritualsplayed an important role in shaping American music. These folk songs cried out for freedom from oppression to the God who liberated Moses and the Israelites, and took their listeners to the ‘thin places’ where God’s Spirit can be felt. The spirituals and blues of Alabama native, Vera Hall, were made famous, when they were sampled by Moby in 1999. More after the jump. Loving is supporting.

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TCC Playlist: Live to Tell the Tale by Passion Pit

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Passion Pit

The first four songs on Passion Pit’s debut album Chunk of Change were written on a laptop by Michael Angelakos as a gift to his girlfriend at Emerson, where he was a student at the time. Angelakos was raised in the Greek Orthodox church. On the song “Live to Tell” he sings, “God bless that smile on your face.” It’s electronica indie pop and also super sweet. Listen after the jump:

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