TCC Films: Romero

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Blessed Oscar Romero

The Church has officially declared Archbishop Oscar Romero, a martyr. Blessed Oscar Romero, pray for us. Read more in The New York Times here: Pope Approves Martyrdom Declaration for Oscar Romero, Slain Archbishop. If you aren’t familiar with Oscar Romero’s life story we recommend the film Romero. Watch the trailer after the jump:

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Misc: California Bus Saga Over Flood of Illegal Immigrants

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BusKidsMay2014Some 52,000 unaccompanied children have crossed the US border since October. Most are fleeing poverty and violence in Central American countries. The Catholic Archdiocese of San Bernadino has said, “To us, it’s a no brainer that churches should come to the aid of the stranger, the migrant. It’s a core teaching of the Christian faith.” Read about the crisis and Church’s role in The Christian Science Monitor here: California Bus Saga Over Flood of Illegal Immigrants

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