Over Easy: The Brave New World of Egg Donors

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IVF needles

Moira Donegan writes for The New Inquiry about egg donors, “Even among physicians and counselors, physical traits are discussed with prominent emphasis: their professional conversations about egg donation slip from the sterile vocabulary of medicine into that of soft eugenics faster than you can say ‘natural blonde.'” Read it here: Over Easy. More after the jump:

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What are the rights of donor conceived people?

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Is it permissible for the children of egg and sperm donors to grieve the biological father or mother they never knew? Alana Newman grew up not knowing her biological father because he was an anonymous sperm donor. She writes for Public Discourse about her experience: What are the rights of donor conceived people? 

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TCC Radio: Surrogacy Birthstory | Radiolab

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Surrogate mothers

Listen to this Radiolab story about the economically disadvantaged surrogates in India, and egg donors in Europe, used by same sex couples in Israel to produce children via IVF. This is a story about capitalism. Everything is now for sale. More and listen to the story after the jump:

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