In Mexico, Pope Denounces Exclusion of Native Peoples

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people in Chiapas pass through security to see Pope Francis

Pope Francis presided over a Mass in Chiapas today. The Mass was in Spanish and three indigenous languages. The Holy Father condemned the exclusion and exploitation of indigenous people in Mexico. More from The LA Times here: At Mass in Chiapas, Pope Denounces Exclusion of Native Peoples and Crux.  More from his time in Mexico & photos after the jump:

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Misc: Your Average American Catholic

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Catholic education

Catholicism is the most racially, ethnically and linguistically diverse religion in the nation. There will be 95 million Catholics in America by 2050, but the majority of those Catholics will not be practicing their faith. Here at The Catalogue we’re trying to do something to change that, please support us. Read the article by Mark Gray in America here: Your Average American Catholic

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Losing My Religion

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Using Facebook at work

In America, TCC’s own Anna Keating wonders if it’s better to list your religious views on sites like Facebook or not. She writes, “When religion is one of the few things that remain private in our carefully constructed, very public, online universe, then religious voices at the extremes may profile us all.” Read the entire essay here: Losing My Religion

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