TCC Radio: If We Left, They Wouldn’t Have Nobody

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Rowland and Alvarez

“If I would have left that would have been on my conscience for a very long time.”

When an assisted living home in California shut down, many of its residents were left behind. The staff left when they stopped getting paid — except for cook Maurice Rowland and Miguel Alvarez, the janitor. Listen to the story of compassion and kinship from NPR after the jump:

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New Ways to Care for People With Dementia

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Rebecca Mead writes in The New Yorker, about how Beatitudes assisted living facilities, are honoring the human dignity of patients suffering from dementia.  She writes, “More than five million Americans have Alzheimer’s or similar illnesses, and that number is growing as the population ages. Without any immediate prospect of a cure, advocacy groups have begun promoting ways to offer people with dementia a comfortable decline instead of imposing on them a medical model of care, which seeks to defer death through escalating interventions.” Read the article in The New Yorker here:  New Ways to Care for People With Dementia

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