TCC Playlist: The Mother we Share by Chvrches

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The Scottish synthpop band, Chvrches, say that their cryptic lyrics are open to the listener’s interpretation. Maybe it’s just the field guide to the daily acts that make up a Catholic life that Melissa Musick and I are writing, but when they sing, “The mother we share will never keep our cold hearts from calling,” we can’t help but think about Mary. Warning: there is one expletive in this song. Listen after the jump:

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Happy 78th Birthday Pope Francis

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Tango in St. Peter's

As a young man in Argentina Pope Francis loved to tango, so for his birthday Catholics from around the world tangoed in St. Peter’s Square. But how did Pope Francis celebrate? He gave sleeping bags to the homeless. More from The Daily Beast here: Pope Gives Sleeping Bags to Homeless

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TCC Playlist: Wedding Reception Playlist

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Wedding Reception June is wedding season. According to CNN, last year the average cost of a wedding in the US was $28,000.  In Manhattan the average was nearly $80,000. Read more on how to save money by coming up with your own playlist. TCC’s own Anna Keating recommends some great songs for a reception, from dinner music and slow dances to dance music & listen to a few like Sara Bareilles “I Choose You” and Vampire Weekend “Everlasting Arms” after the jump:

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