Invitation to A Cherished Life

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Ruthie at church

The Catholic Catalogue merits a place on the cupboard shelf.”

(Above: My daughter Ruthie in our pew.) Our book, The Catholic Catalogue: A Field Guide to the Daily Acts That Make Up a Catholic Life was recently reviewed by Caleb Congrove in The Living ChurchInvitation to A Cherished Life.

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The Catholic Artist Today

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Catholic poet, Dana Gioia, writes in First Things about the absence of  Catholics in the American fine arts.”The great and present danger to American literature is the growing homogeneity of our writers. . . Often raised in several places in no specific cultural or religious community, educated with no deep connection to a particular region, history, or tradition, and now employed mostly in academia, the American writer is becoming as standardized as the American car . . .  It is time to renovate and reoccupy our own tradition . . . ” Read it all here: The Catholic Writer Today

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TCC Films: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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My-Big-Fat-Greek Wedding My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a light romantic comedy about a woman in her thirties (Nia Vardalos) whose Greek Orthodox parents (Michael Constantine and Laine Kazan) flip out, first, because she’s not yet married, and second, because she’s fallen in love with a a non-Greek man (John Corbett). The movie, based on Vardalos’ one-woman show, pokes fun at the crazy things our families put us through, and yet points out how it can be possible to be your own person while maintaing a relationship with one’s family. Anyone who grew up in a big Catholic family will find something to relate to in this sweet film. (Best for adults and teens.) Watch the trailer after the jump:

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