TCC Playlist: Crux Fidelis and Good Friday

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Good Friday in Pakistan

Today is Good Friday, when we remember Christ’s passion at 3pm. It is a day of fasting and abstinence. In the photo above a woman kisses a crucifix. Pope Francis has encouraged all Catholics to kiss a crucifix this week and say the prayer, “Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord.” Good Friday is also the only day of the year on which the Eucharist is not consecrated. Several chant versions of Crux Fidelis (Cross of Gladness) and photos of Good Friday around the world after the jump:

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TCC Radio: Kid Logic | This American Life

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Jesus drawing

It’s Holy Week, which can be a difficult time of year for parents of young children. How do you talk to your children about the crucifixion of Jesus, in an appropriate way? On This American Life a four year-old notices a picture of Jesus on the cross and asks her father why they killed him. Listen here it starts at the 11 minute mark.

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ISIS and the Meaning of the Cross

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Fr. Robert Barron on ISIS‘s killing of Christians and the true meaning of the cross. “What a strange kingship! The new David reigns, not from a throne, but from a cross; the one who trumps Caesar doesn’t lead an army, but embodies the divine forgiveness.” Read it on Word on Fire here: ISIS and the Meaning of the Cross

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