TCC Radio: Newborn Baby Abandoned in Catholic Church’s Manger Already Being Loved

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newborn baby

If only it could always be this simple. A mother who felt she couldn’t care for her child, brought him someplace safe and warm, a Catholic church’s manger scene. Listen to the story from NPR after the jump:

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Support the Catholic Catalogue and Readers Share Their Creche Photos

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Family Picture

Dear Friends, Being Catholic means living a life. The practice precedes the theology. Our mission is to aid Catholics and non-Catholics — whether steeped in the tradition or just discovering spirituality for the first time – to come and see the daily acts that make up a Catholic life. It’s almost time for us to renew our URLs, we need to pay for our mobile site, and the computer our webmaster Anna Keating uses to update the site is on its last legs. We need your help! If you find any joy or value in The Catholic Catalogue, if you love Sister Sunday, the book chapters, the music, the articles, or the movies, and would like to see the site continue, please consider becoming a patron or subscriber today with a donation of any amount. If every reader gave a one time donation we’d be in the black. Thanks for your support! See reader’s beautiful Creche photos after the jump:

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