Coptic Christians Show A Gratitude Not of This World

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coptic-christians-mourning the martyrs

After 21 Coptic Christians were martyred by ISIS last week for being “people of the cross” Copts responded with forgiveness. Some even expressed gratitude to the killers for not editing out the name of Jesus from the beheading video. More from Kathryn Jean Lopez in National Review here: Coptic Christians Show A Gratitude Not of This World. (Above: Coptic Christians mourn their dead.)

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Prayer for Coptic Christians: To Mary, the Light of Hope by JPII

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Coptic church burned

The Islamic State has beheaded 21 Coptic (Egyptian) Christians. Pope Francis has denounced the killings. Read his remarks from Vatican News here: A Witness That Cries Out. A prayer for peace, to Mary the Light of Hope by Pope St. John Paul II after the jump:

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