The Anniversary of the Death of Servant of God Dorothy Day

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Dorothy Day

Servant of God Dorothy Day died on November 29th, 1980 in Maryhouse, the original Catholic Worker in downtown New York. In this essay Claire Fyrqvist writes about her life. Read the essay, prayers for Day’s canonization, and photos after the jump:

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TCC Playlist: A Love Supreme by John Coltrane

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John Coltrane

“His way . . . it is so wonderful.”

John Coltrane was a musician addicted to heroin, and on the verge of losing everything, when, in 1957, he had a mystical experience, what he described as “a spiritual awakening.” More and listen after the jump:

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Marked for Christ

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Anna Keating writes in America that “the symbols of Catholicism—crosses, icons, rosaries, paintings and medals—easily translate into tattoo art . . . the saints of today may look different than those of ages past.” A story of two young Catholics and their religious tattoos here: Marked for Christ

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TCC Playlist: Joseph and Mary by Natalie Merchant

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Natalie Merchant

Natalie Merchant was raised Catholic but drifted from the Church at 11 when her mother married an atheist. She discovered gospel music and Mahalia Jackson at 18 and said, “That kept the door open for me. Good news in bad times.” She has since returned to her faith and recently spent time in a cloistered convent in Spain writing music for liturgical texts. Listen after the jump:

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