California Churches Forced to Cover Abortions

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Catholic baptism

“Even those who disagree should be able to respect the conscience rights of those who wish not to be involved.”

Religious freedom has been significantly eroded under President Obama. Churches in California will now be forced to pay for their employees elective abortionsCalifornia Churches Forced to Cover Abortions.

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TCC Playlist: I Had No Right by Dar Williams

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Daniel Berrigan

“And all my country saw were priests who broke the law.”

Dar Williams’ song “I Had No Right” is about the late Catholic priests and peace activists, Daniel and Phillip Berrigan, and their acts of civil disobedience during the Vietnam War. Williams met the Berrigans after writing the song and said, “I don’t intend to become a Catholic, so it’s hard because there is a real urge to be in some sort of spiritual community with these people.” More and listen to the song after the jump:

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TCC Films: Franz Jagerstatter A Man of Conscience

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Franz Jagerstatter on his motorcycle

Today is the memorial of the martyrdom of Blessed Franz Jagerstatter (above on his motorcycle). Jagerstatter was the only Austrian Catholic who refused orders to fight in the Nazi army. More from Anna Keating and the trailer after the jump:

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TCC Films: A Man for All Seasons

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robert shaw & paul scofield - a man for all seasons 1966

“I die His Majesty’s good servant but God’s first.”

Looking for a movie to watch this weekend? We highly recommend A Man for All Seasons the true story of St. Thomas More. Read Claire Fryqvist’s review and watch the trailer after the jump:

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TCC Films: Knocking

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Jehovah's Witnesses Knocking, a new documentary by Joel P. Engardio and Tom Shepard, allows us a fresh look at the Jehovah’s Witnesses through the lives of two families who are faithful members of the church. Did you know that the Jehovah’s Witnesses spoke out against the Nazi’s during WWII? Read our own Melissa Musick’s review and watch the trailer after the jump:

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