Why I Can’t Support “The Right to a Peaceful Death” in Colorado

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Anna Keating

“In the future will death always be self-administered?”

TCC’s own Anna Keating writes for America magazine about the practice of physician-assisted suicide coming to Colorado: Why I Can’t Support Physician Assisted Suicide in Colorado

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TCC Playlist: Every Valley Shall Be Filled and There’s Been Blood by Josh Dillard

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Josh Dillard

We’re fans of the Colorado Springs based singer-songwriter Josh Dillard. Dillard’s soulful and unguarded style are reminiscent of Bon Iver or Bombadil and yet totally his own. Read more from Anna Keating and listen to his music for the Feast of St. John the Baptist after the jump:

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TCC Playlist: Get Over It and Down By Idris Goodwin

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Idris Goodwin

We’re fans of the Colorado based indie-rapper and playwright Idris Goodwin. On his latest album Rhyming While Black, he raps about racism and the harassment and killing of black Americans by police. As we mourn the victims of the Charleston church shooting, listen to the tracks “Get Over it” and “Down” and be inspired. Buy the album here.

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Euthanasia’s Euphemisms

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The Fault in Our Stars

Wesley J. Smith writes for First Things about the “death with dignity” movement. He writes, “When a social movement must rely on euphemisms to obfuscate its goals, it is a good bet that there is something wrong with its agenda.” Read his piece here: Euthanasia’s Euphemisms. More after the jump:

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