A Most Unlikely Saint

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G.K. Chesteron

James Parker doesn’t know if G.K. Chesteron was a saint but he knows that he was a genius. He writes, If you’ve got an afternoon, read his masterpiece of Christian apologetics Orthodoxy: ontological basics retailed with a blissful, zooming frivolity, Thomas Aquinas meets Eddie Van Halen.” Read the whole piece from The Atlantic here: A Most Unlikely Saint

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Memorial of Peter Canisius, Doctor of the Church

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Handwritten Letter

At The Catholic Catalogue we love real letters. Who doesn’t? Honor St. Peter Canisuis today by sitting down, getting out a piece of paper and hand-writing a note or letter to someone. It may just be someone’s favorite early Christmas gift. Read more about St. Peter and his letters after the jump:

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Misc: ‘Belief encourages Belief’ An Interview with Valerie Sayers

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Valerie Sayers

Catholic novelist and Professor of English at the University of Notre Dame, Valerie Sayers speaks with Commonweal about: her new novel The Powers, raising sons in Brooklyn, Joe Dimaggio, Dorothy Day, Walker Percy, growing up in South Carolina, being a Catholic novelist, and why “awe is always good.” Read the whole interview in Commonweal here: ‘Belief encourages Belief’An Interview With Valerie Sayers

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