TCC Radio: Catholic Prep Chain Helps Minority Students Go to College

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Cristo Rey student

A slew of Catholic Christo Rey high schools are helping low income minority kids go to college.  Students work in professional fields of their choice to pay for their tuition, which is then free. Listen to the story on NPR after the jump:

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TCC Playlist: O Lord of Light by The Innocence Mission

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The Innocence Mission

Karen and Don Perris of the The Innocence Mission met in their Catholic high school and later married. We recommend their 2000 album Christ is my Hope. Karen and Don are practicing Catholics and all the proceeds from the album went to hunger relief charities. Listen to Karen Perris sing, “O Lord of Light” here:

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A Lifeline for Minorities, Catholic Schools Retrench

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Sonia Sotomayor

A generation of Latino and African American professionals fears that a springboard that helped many working class kids is disappearing. Justice Sotomayor said, “The Catholic schools have been a pipeline to opportunity for generations.” It’s in The New York Times here: A Lifeline for Minorities, Catholic Schools Retrench  

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