TCC Radio: At Heart of Refugee Resettlement Debate a Rift Between Church and State

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Governer Pence and Archbishop Tobin

The Catholic Church is the largest charitable organization in the United States. Catholic Charities and state governments are struggling over the issue of resettling Syrian refugees in the United States. Listen to the story from NPR after the jump, and more here: Defying the Governor Indiana Archbishop Takes in Refugees.

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TCC Video: Carolyn’s Story of Being a Birth Mother

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Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider, is in the news as the debate over federal funding continues. Did you know that Catholic Charities offers free pregnancy counseling, and helps place birth mothers with adoptive families? Watch a video about one birth mother’s experience with open adoption after the jump:

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An America Without Churches

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African Methodist Episcopal church in CharlestonMany religious people support the gay marriage ruling, but worry that theologically orthodox churches, schools, and nonprofits (like the AME church) will lose their tax-exempt status and with it their buildings. In the early Church, Mass was said in peoples’ homes. Will we see a return to the home church? More from First Things here: An America Without Churches

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TCC Video: Catholics Decry Government Shutdown

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Cardinal Dolan

The shutdown of the United States government by House Republicans continues to drag on, costing the country billions of dollars and putting the poorest members of our society at even greater risk. The US Catholic Bishops issued a letter four days ago, in which they urged a bipartisan resolution to the crisis. They wrote, “Craft a plan which ensures the government continues to operate and meet its responsibility to protect human life and dignity, care for poor and vulnerable people at home and abroad, and advance the universal common good. Additionally, responsibly completing a budget deal according to our principles allows Congress to continue the essential task of immigration reform.”  Watch a video about the ongoing budget crisis here:

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