TCC Video: Former Wall Street Millionaire Takes on Wealth Inequality

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Sam Polk

Sam Polk writes for The New York Times about being a trader on Wall Street who received a bonus of $3.6 million dollars at the age of 30 and still didn’t feel like he had enough money, “I was addicted.” Read it here: For the Love of Money. Watch a video about how he decided to make the world a better place after the jump:

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The Affluence Fallacy

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Dances With Wolves

“People in wealthy countries suffer depression by as much as eight times the rate as people in poor countries.”

Why did so many white-settlers defect and join Native American communities, even as no Native Americans wanted to defect to colonial life? David Brooks on the need for communityThe Affluence Fallacy

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Pope Francis, compassionate capitalism, and where your iPhone was made

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Pope Francis in Cuba

Michael Gerson writes for The Washington Post about Pope Francis’ concerns regarding unfettered capitalism. He writes, “[Capitalism] has taken hundreds of millions of people out of poverty . . . but it is a system that depends on virtues it does not create.” Read the whole thing here: Pope Francis and the argument for compassionate capitalism. Watch a video about where your iPhone was made after the jump:

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TCC Radio: Surrogacy Birthstory | Radiolab

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Surrogate mothers

Listen to this Radiolab story about the economically disadvantaged surrogates in India, and egg donors in Europe, used by same sex couples in Israel to produce children via IVF. This is a story about capitalism. Everything is now for sale. More and listen to the story after the jump:

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