Marked for Christ

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Anna Keating writes in America that “the symbols of Catholicism—crosses, icons, rosaries, paintings and medals—easily translate into tattoo art . . . the saints of today may look different than those of ages past.” A story of two young Catholics and their religious tattoos here: Marked for Christ

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The Pill Is Linked to Depression & Doctors Can No Longer Ignore It

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“Teens experienced an 80% increase in depression with the combined pill.”

The phrase “women’s health” has become synonymous with artifical birth control, IUDs and abortion, even though they make us less not more healthy. There are safe, natural and nonviolent ways to prevent pregnancy, treat infertility, and space children, so why don’t we know about them? The Guardian: The Pill Is Linked to Depression And Doctors Can No Longer Ignore It. Time: Depression Risk of the Pill. Daily Mail: Abortion Triples Breast Cancer Risk

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The Sisters Who Treat The Untreatable

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Sister Regina Maria

Meet the Hawthorn Dominicans who care for terminal patients and their families free of charge. See the photo essay in The New York Times here: The Sisters Who Treat The Untreatable. Watch the video after the jump:

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