Punk Rocker Describes His Return to Catholicism

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Terry Chimes

Original member of the legendary punk band, The Clash, Terry Chimes, describes his return to Catholicism in a new book The Strange Case of Dr. Terry and Mr. Chimes. More from The Catholic Herald UK here: Punk Rocker Describes His Return to Catholicism. Some of our favorite Clash songs after the jump:

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Memorial of St. Cyril of Jerusalem (TCC Reads: Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis)

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icon of jesus

In 4th century Jerusalem, Archbishop Cyril argued that just because we can never get to the bottom of the mystery of God doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn what we can. More from Melissa Musick after the jump:

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Deliver Us

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new baby

TCC’s own Anna Keating writes in America about giving birth, suffering made sweet, and how different Catholic women deal with miscarriage, labor and delivery. “It was hard work but beautiful and lovely too.” Read the entire essay here: Deliver Us

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