Misc: Catholic Bishops, Others Applaud Obama on Immigrants

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President Obama’s plan to essentially freeze most deportations for people who are resident and working in the United States would protect as many as 4.4 million people and their families. Read the Church’s response from America magazine here: Catholic Bishops, Others Applaud Obama on Immigrants

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Misc: Synod on Family Midterm Report

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Synod on the Family

Fr. James Martin SJ has written of the midterm report from the Synod on the Family,”This is a stunning change in the way that the Catholic church speaks about gay people.” Read the rest of his remarks and read the midterm report from Vatican News Service after the jump:

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Misc: Standing in Solidarity with the Bishops on the Border

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Altar for Immigration Reform The US Catholic Bishops are celebrating Mass on the US-Mexico border today on behalf of the close to 6,000 migrants who have died in the U.S. desert since 1998. Support the Bishops and immigration reform with help from Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good: Standing in Solidarity with the Bishops on the Border. Prayers and action for immigrants here. More photos after the jump:

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Archbishop Joseph Kurtz New President of the USCCB

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“We need not only to serve the voiceless and vulnerable, but to be an advocate.”

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have selected a new president, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz. Read more from The New York Times here: Archbishop Joseph Kurtz New President of the USCCB

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TCC Video: Catholics Decry Government Shutdown

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Cardinal Dolan

The shutdown of the United States government by House Republicans continues to drag on, costing the country billions of dollars and putting the poorest members of our society at even greater risk. The US Catholic Bishops issued a letter four days ago, in which they urged a bipartisan resolution to the crisis. They wrote, “Craft a plan which ensures the government continues to operate and meet its responsibility to protect human life and dignity, care for poor and vulnerable people at home and abroad, and advance the universal common good. Additionally, responsibly completing a budget deal according to our principles allows Congress to continue the essential task of immigration reform.”  Watch a video about the ongoing budget crisis here:

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