TCC Playlist: Hallelujah by Alicia Keys

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“Hallelujah, let me in.”

Alicia Keys has been thinking about social justice and human dignity. First, she stopped wearing makeup and tried to empower women to feel comfortable as is. Now, she’s performing music about the refugee crisis. Listen to “Hallelujah” and watch the short film “Let Me In” after the jump:

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TCC Films: To The Arctic

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To The Arctic movie

To The Arctic is a documentary to watch on your own, or with young children. Only forty minutes long, it takes audiences into previously unseen regions of the arctic and tells the story of a polar bear mother and her willingness to protect her cubs. Visually stunning, the film emphasizes the beauty and wonder of Creation and the importance of conserving resources without frightening small children. More on Pinterest. Watch the trailer after the jump:

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Pope Explains Why He Won’t Sell the Church’s Treasures

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The Pieta

Michelangelo’s Pieta cannot be auctioned, Pope Francis has said, “because it is not the property of the Church. It’s inside a church, but it belongs to humanity.” The Pope’s comments appeared in a Dutch newspaper published by the homeless. Read more here: Pope Explains Why He Won’t Sell the Church’s Treasures

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